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Saint-Palais, Mixe country


The Pays de Mixe is the most northern region in the Basse Navarre province.  The most famous villages in the area are Garris and Saint-Palais.
This region is located near the foothills of the Pyrenees, and the River Bidouze runs through part of it. Many local producers sell gastronomic specialties throughout this part of the Basque Country, and open their farms to those who wish to learn more.

The villages between Labourd and Soule

The Pays de Mixe stretches from Orègue and Arraute-Charritte to the west (towards the Labourd province and Hasparren), to Domezain-Berraute and Lohitzun-Oyhercq to the east (towards the Soule province and Mauléon-Licharre). The eastern villages are split between the Basse Navarre and the Soule provinces.

History linked to Santiago de Compostela

Saint-Palais and Garris are the two main villages in the Pays de Mixe, and were both strongly impacted by the pilgrims passing through on the Way of St. James towards Santiago de Compostela. The cross at the crossroads in Garris, in the direction of Bidache, is lasting proof of this pilgrimage. The village is now part of the Via Turonensis, or the Way of Tours. Saint-Palais is the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Navarre, and continues to welcome pilgrims on the Tours and Vézelay routes.

Between valleys and mountains

The municipalities which form the Pays de Mixe are located in a low valley. However, there are plenty of hiking routes as the mountain peaks are nearby, and you can attempt some stages along the Compostela route. Families will enjoy strolling along the banks of the River Bidouze or through the woods, such as the Mixe forest in the village of Orègue.

History linked to Santiago de Compostela

espace chemin bideak a saint palais
Espace Chemin Bideak

Three of the main Compostela routes (Tours, Vézelay and Puy-en-Velay routes) join to become one just above Saint-Palais. At this point the route becomes the Camino Francés (GR65). It is marked by the Gibraltar stele.

You can visit this symbolic place on foot, starting at the Espace Chemin Bideak. It is a 4-kilometre walk.

saint palais, en bord de la Bidouze au Pays Basque


Photo : © Maitena Haristouy

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