Le trinquet de La Bastide Clairence

Historic site and monument, Historic site and monument

20 minutes from Bayonne, the trinquet of La Bastide Clairence is one of the emblematic places of the Basque pelota games. The game of palm, the ancestor of Basque pelota, is still played there. It is even the oldest palm game still in use, a study on the wood of its frame dates back to 1513.
Its peculiarity is that it has undergone few changes since it was built. The stone slabs along the edges of each side of the hall are probably original and the proportions have remained unchanged. It is played pala-ancha, bare-handed and still palm game (there are only three places left where it is played: Paris, Fontainebleau and La Bastide Clairence).

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  • Visiting conditions : Unaccompanied tours
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Le trinquet de La Bastide Clairence
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