Forêt d'Iraty : panoramas époustouflants


A magical spruce-fir hedgehog: it is one of the largest forests in Western Europe, with 17,000 hectares between the two slopes. In autumn, the views are spectacular thanks to its yellow and ochre colours.
The beech is the dominant tree. Although it is a forest exploited for its wood, its degree of maturity remains very high, (the good degree of maturity of a forest indicates that all generations of trees, from young to senescent, are represented there. It is a factor of richness in biodiversity) with a great diversity of environments which includes, in addition to tree formations, wetlands such as peat bogs, mountain meadows (summer pastures).
The Iraty forest has an excellent representation of the exceptional diversity of flowers in the Pyrenees.


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Forêt d'Iraty : panoramas époustouflants
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