Loop, Walking

The valley of Ibar-eskuin (Alcay/Lacarry) is crowned by various peaks, some of which are very characteristic, such as Bostmendiak. These five small peaks stand out, with a small grassy hanging valley at their feet, which is very pleasant and attractive. From the top of one of these panoramic peaks, two orientation tables list the mountains of Haute-Soule and the nearby Bearn. However, one should not neglect the long climb through the forest, quite rough at times, which takes us to the heights. It is easy to imagine the shepherds of protohistory on the paths overlooking the various valleys, as evidenced by the mounds found here and there, these eminences of earth covering a burial.


Practical information

  • Positive elevation : +1010m
  • Marking : Yellow
  • Equipements et services : Power Point (supermarket, restaurants)
  • Distance13.9km
  • Mobilityon foot
  • Duration6h
  • DifficultyDifficult

Itinerary details

Ibilbideari buruzko xehetasunak

Arrival point