Ahüzki - Trail

Loop, Trail-running

Ahüzki, known by its famous fountain, is also a high place of pastoralism in Soule. This very beautiful hike allows you to discover a very original environment with multiple facets. It is the karstic massif of Arbailles, a humanized middle mountain. Everything is there: the natural heritage with surprising geological curiosities, a very rich fauna and flora, but also the close relationship between man and the environment, with the pastures and the numerous herds in summer. The itinerary passes by several cayolars and offers striking views of the Basque mountains.


Practical information

  • Start : AUSSURUCQ
  • Positive elevation : +539m
  • Marking : Yellow
  • Equipements et services : Information panels
  • Distance10.5km
  • Mobilityon foot
  • Duration2h
  • DifficultyDifficult

Itinerary details

Ibilbideari buruzko xehetasunak

Arrival point