Urrugne : from the ocean to the mountains


Covering a little over 5,000 hectares, Urrugne is certainly the largest municipality on the Basque coast. Its borders stretch from the ocean to the first mountain slopes of the Rhune, and it even shares part of its border with Spain. The village is organised into separate neighbourhoods, each very different from the others.

Urrugne’s stunning natural spaces, such as the mountains and the Basque Corniche cliffs, make this the ideal place to practice outdoor activities.

Urrugne and its neighbourhoods

Urrugne is organised into different neighbourhoods. Their borders with adjoining municipalities make it very easy to pass from one to the other without realising. 

Each of these neighbourhoods has a unique aspect

The village centre

Photo : © Mugica

An archetypal Basque village centre, it is organised around the church with its traditional Basque fronton on one side and the mayor’s office nearby. Beautiful 16th and 18th century houses complete the picture postcard. For a fun family experience, the tourism information office organises treasure hunts that will enable you to explore the village and discover its main attractions. A great time is guaranteed for all the family!

The Basque Corniche : an ocean view

Photo : © Yoni

The majority of the Basque Corniche as well as part of the Socoa neighbourhood belong to the Urrugne municipality. This is a unique part of the Basque Country. The high flysch cliffs overlooking the ocean offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding coastline. 

Béhobie : the Spanish border 

The Béhobie neighbourhood is split between three municipalities: Urrugne, Hendaye, and Irun in Spain. To get to Spain all you need to do is cross the bridge! The lifestyle is predominantly urban. Regular buses and shuttle bus services allow you to easily reach Hendaye beach from Urrugne. 

Olhette and Herboure : with a mountain backdrop

The Olhette neighbourhood is split between Urrugne and Ascain. It’s situated at the foot of the mountains and is surrounded by nature and greenery. From Olhette, you can directly access the Col d’Ibardin where you can discover the ventas (Spanish shops) and many hiking trails. 

Croix des Bouquets – Courlecou: the countryside  

You will find many authentic Basque farms in this quiet neighbourhood. Located at the foot of Mont du Calvaire, there are many hiking trails towards Mont Xoldo and the town of Biriatou. 

Mendichoko : calm and central

Photo : © Yoni

Mendichoko means “hidden mountain corner” in Basque. Here you can make the most of the mountain atmosphere but remain near the village centre.

Located at the centre of Urrugne, this neighbourhood is close to the local shops and services. It is the ideal place to go for walks and explore the area. 

The Castle of Urtubie

Belonging to the same family since it was built in 1341, this fortified castle was extended in the 16th and 18th centuries to become, today, a very welcoming Historical Monument that has been furnished and decorated with refined elegance.

Quote: The stones of Urtubie recount over six centuries of Basque Country history. 

Many famous people have stayed here.   

It has witnessed many changes to the town of Urrugne.

Over the past several years, it has been transformed into a beautiful boutique hotel and offers guided visits of the Château and its English landscape gardens.

Part of the Château has recently been laid out for an escape game, in which players attempt to unravel a unique mystery linked to the Château’s history. 


The Basque Corniche

The Basque Corniche is a unique natural site on the Basque coast. It stretches from the Fort de Socoa, crossing the entire Urrugne municipality, before ending at Hendaye’s main beach.

Six kilometres of the Corniche belong to Urrugne. The high flysch cliffs offer a breathtaking view over the ocean.

The coastal footpath goes through this natural area, passing by many interesting viewpoints, such as the Crique des Viviers Basques and the former blockhaus, a remnant of World War II’s Atlantic Wall.

The sunsets are always amazing. The ideal spot to admire them is on the rocky esplanade in front of Juantcho campsite. 

A playing field for outdoor activities 

A multitude of outdoor activities

As the municipality covers such a large area, it has a wide range of activities to offer, many of them outdoors. Treetop adventure courses, forest activity parks, downhill scooter rides, horse riding, paramotor flights, electric bike riding in the mountains, and more besides. The possibilities are endless!  


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