Saint Etienne de Baïgorry : entre histoires, légendes et gourmandise

Guided tour of town, village, Guided tour of town, village

Visit the Guermiette quarter "Short stories and delicious savours": come and stroll by the imposing facades of our "Etxe" (the Basque word for house), along the meandering ancestral roads and hills where the echos of the exciting history of one-thousand years can still be heard. Our producers of fine local produce will offer you a delicous moment to remember while tasting their wares. 120mins - max 20.

Visit the village of Baigorri

Visite the village of St Étienne de Baïgorry where a Country Story-teller will reveal the history, legends, architecture and traditions of this village nestling at the foot of the Iparla mountain ridge.

90mins. Max. 50.


Practical information

  • LanguagesFrench, Spanish
  • AnimalsAnimals welcome



Method of paymentCheques and postal orders, Chèques Vacances, Cash, Bank transfers

Group price : 80€ — 150€

Group price : 4€ — 6€

Basic price - full adult price : 7€

Free of charge



Complementary informations

Informazio osagarria

  • Visiting conditions : Guided tours
  • Lenght of the visit : Individual visit : 90 min, Collective visit : 90 min
  • Groups : Accepted, Max : 50 Ppl, Bus parking



Saint Etienne de Baïgorry : entre histoires, légendes et gourmandise
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