Jean-Philippe JUBERA

L'Hermione calls at the Port of Bayonne, Anglet, for her Grand Carénage!
This unique ship, an authentic replica of an 18th-century three-master, passed the mouth of the Adour River on September 16, 2021, and remains in dry dock at the Port of Bayonne. During her stay, the Hermione will be welcoming visitors on board.

The Hermione is a tall ship with a long history: in 1992, the Hermione-Lafayette association was founded by a group of maritime history enthusiasts, with the aim of rebuilding a late 18th-century frigate in the heart of Rochefort's historic arsenal.
Construction began on July 4, 1997, and was completed 14 years later, in 2014, making this ship the only witness to the great era of the sailing navy.


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Basic price - full adult price : 12€ — 18€

Children's price : 5€ — 9€

Price for large families : 25€

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L'Hermione à Anglet
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