Bastide de Tardets

Historic site and monument, Rural heritage, Guided tour of town, village, Fortified town, Town, village and district

The bastide town of Tardets was founded in 1299. The nearby watercourses create an original triangular square, lined with arcades. Colorful facades are separated by alleyways, and passageways lead down to the river.
The houses date from the 17th-19th centuries. Château Daguerre, which housed the town hall and municipal school for several decades, boasts an attractive classical façade. The pediment was erected on the site of the park. Every year, Haute-Soule organizes a carnival at the end of winter, village fêtes and a cheese fair in August.



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  • Visiting conditions : Unaccompanied tours
  • Equipments : Picnic area, Bar cafeteria tea room, Restaurant
  • Activities : Shops, Fishing, Temporary exhibitions, Walking trail



Bastide de Tardets
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