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Ostabat-Asme, on the way to Santiago de Compostela


Ostabat-Asme (Izura-Azme in Basque) is located halfway between Saint-Palais to the north and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to the south. At the heart of the northern Basque Country, this village is a must-visit stopover for those walking the GR65 towards Santiago de Compostela.
You can admire the beautiful houses whilst strolling through the village. Built at the highest part of the village, Saint-Nicolas-d’Harambeltz chapel is a source of pride for the locals. Make sure you visit the Col d'Iparlatze to make the most of the stunning viewpoint.

Not to be missed

History of the village

The Ostabat-Asme municipality was created in 1841, when the two villages of Ostabat and Asme were joined together.

The name "Haranbeltz"

The name of the Saint-Nicolas-d'Haranbeltz chapel comes from Saint Nicolas, its patron saint, and the name "Haranbeltz" originates from the Basque "aran" meaning valley and "beltz" meaning black. The chapel is reached by crossing a very dense forest that covers the land down to the valley. In the Middle-Ages, pilgrims travelling through the dark forest were the ideal victims for all types of thieves.



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