Circuit de la montagne - VTT

Loop, Mountain bike

This itinerary allows a discovery of the heights of the village of Espelette by offering to the mountain biker very beautiful points of view. First on road and wide tracks, the route takes the hiker on the slopes of the Errebi mount and the three crosses pass. A nice easy descent where you can enjoy yourself followed by a steeper ascent to reach the Zuharreta pass where a more mountainous atmosphere can be felt. It is on the Mondarrain that a more technical portion will require a particular vigilance with a descent of the bicycle advised by places. The view over the Labourd to the ocean is amazing. The only thing left to do is to go down to the village of Espelette where a visit is a must.


Practical information

  • Start : ESPELETTE
  • Positive elevation : +710m
  • Marking : Orange
  • Equipements et services : Water point, Ablutions, Picnic area
  • Distance18km
  • Mobilityby bike
  • Duration3h15
  • DifficultyDifficult

Itinerary details

Ibilbideari buruzko xehetasunak

Arrival point