Spot de Sainte-Barbe

Surf spot

The Sainte-Barbe spot is located at the level of the dike, north of the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. From there, there is a breathtaking panorama of the Jaizkibel, the Three Crowns and the Rhune.

This spot is reserved for experienced surfers, especially on the right side of the dike which is technical. The take-off can be impressive when you are close to the dike. For it to work well, it's called a take-off spot, you need a consistent swell and wait for the high tide.
There is also the pass wave which is surfed from low tide to mid tide, and which is quite long and tense: ideal for longboards.
Finally, in the center, there is another left-right peak.
Overall, you have to be careful with the rocks on this spot. There is a good family and relaxed atmosphere, to be preserved.



Spot de Sainte-Barbe
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